A Review of "Cooking Comically"

My husband does most of the cooking in our home (not to mention the cleaning, yard work, gardening/farming, etc.). In his search for new recipes to try, he stumbled across Cooking Comically. Everyone enjoyed the chili he made from the website's recipe, so he added the book itself to his Amazon wishlist. When I saw it on his list and I needed something to round out an order for the free shipping, I bought it for him.

I'm going to admit I was skeptical about everything in the book. The layout is great - full of pictures for each step. The directions for each recipe are easy to follow. And the comic illustrations and geek references are hilarious.

But the recipes just seemed so... "throw these random things together in a college dorm kitchen and hope for the best."

Still, I purchased everything my husband needed to try a week's worth of recipes, and then promptly forgot he was even using the book. Because, hey, I have to focus on bringing home the bacon for him to fry. Or, in this case, it was hamburgers. And lasagna. And mozzarella sticks. And pizza.

My beloved domestic engineer has cooked all of these things before, but using the long, complicated recipes we already had or learned elsewhere. When he served up lasagna that he told me took no more than 15 minutes to prepare before he put it in the oven, of course I was ready for it to taste... well, not fabulous. Especially with cottage cheese as one of the ingredients - that just seemed weird.

The lasagna was so amazing, I am going to get rid of the recipe I've used for 20 years - the one that takes 1 hour of prep and 1 hour of baking.

The hamburgers were so good, my son and I both tried to pilfer my husband's from his plate.

The mozzarella sticks were so delicious, we told him to make a double batch next time.

And the pizza? The deep dish, very simple to layer in a baking dish and throw in an oven, pizza? It was to die for.

So pick up Cooking Comically, enjoy the references to LOTR (po-tay-toes) and The Princess Bride, and then go forth and cook geekily. The results are nothing to laugh at.

**Please note, there is explicit language in this book, which is just fine for us, but not for everyone. Personally, we laughed our @$$e$ off from cover to cover.**