Autumn Reading

Earlier this month, we went to visit my husband’s family in Iowa. It was, unfortunately, for a sad reason and that is because his grandmother went on hospice care for very recently-diagnosed bile duct cancer. During our visit – which was well-timed, as she was in fairly good spirits, very accepting, and passed away only a week later – we spent plenty of time with family. And family enjoyed unloading a pile of books on me.

These are all courtesy of my mother-in-law, who is quite the reader, especially of historical fiction. So now the question remains, when to find the time to read all of them? These look like nice, heavy reading for the fall months. Since autumn and winter are the times I most love curling up with rich stories, I’m saving them for late September.

There are also a few books on my Kindle that I’m eager to get to very soon. Recently I led a workshop at Pagan Pride Day in Omaha and left with a few book recommendations. I immediately delved into one of the only Shakespeare plays I’ve yet to read – As You Like It – and really enjoyed it. Another recommendation was The School for Goodand Evil, which looks like a fun series. I plan to start it this coming week.

I know I’ve mentioned my reading cycles before – generally, I read fantasy and sci-fi, and a handful of paranormal romance and YA year-round. But I almost always read memoirs and non-fiction in the summer, and the heftier historicals and “darker” books in the fall and winter. I think this is because I tend to find the memoirs and non-fiction light and fun. They make great outdoors reads. The thicker books with twisty plots are excellent for snuggling under a blanket with a cup of tea and the lights turned down low. 

So I guess the books, along with the cooler nights and sudden influx of orb weavers means it won't belong before I'm snuggling, sipping, and reading.