"The Engima Engine", the end, the question...

And so, one day, The Enigma Engine stepped tentatively out into the literary wild to bring the Aetheric Artifacts trilogy to its conclusion:

Aetherals are disappearing, and Demetra's half-sister is among the missing. It's up to her and her friends to figure out who is kidnapping them and why, in this conclusion to the Aetheric Artifacts series.

There also remains the question of whether or not Francis's mother will permit their wedding, or continue to fight it. However, what Lady Winterton has to say on the matter will startle even the unflappable Demetra.

In the midst of astonishing family revelations, Demetra must once again form a difficult alliance with a certain government official to solve the riddle of the aetheral abductions, as well as dodge the advances of a handsome Scotland Yard detective, and answer the perennial question: is there ever a wrong time to eat cake?

The end.

Or is it?

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