Ideas Never Stop

It's that glorious moment - the one where I say, "Ah, finished!"

And then my mind says, "Wouldn't Eden's story be interesting, though...?"

"No," I answer, "because... well, it would be interesting, but I have other things to write. Promises must be kept!"

"Still," my mind whispers, "Eden and Korroziya..."

"Stop it."

But my mind won't stop and the seed of the idea is planted. A prequel for the St. Eden's series is born. Even cover art is taunting me.

I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing to have so many ideas. Goodness knows I will never be able to write everything that comes to mind. It's sad, really, because I want to. Sometimes the ideas are probably better left unread anyway, though, because how many people really want to read this story about cats controlling the world through the internet? Hmm?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only writer with this problem - drowning in a folder called "Alpha Drafts" and full of stories I'll never finish.