It's been an exciting week for me, watching the covers of the Aetheric Artifacts trilogy change from bland to spiffy! When The Chronos Clock was originally published, I had a fairly specific vision for the cover. Sadly, the publisher went with something much more low-key than what I had hoped to see, and I felt the cover wasn't at all intriguing to potential readers.

To me, it didn't convey the sense of fun and whimsy in the story. So when rights to the story reverted to me, I took control and ran with my vision. Thanks to the talented Erin Lark, the series has undergone a visual overhaul, along with a few tweaks here and there to the back matter after the story - tweaks that hint at things to come.

It's also been a fabulous week for media tidbits. Today I joined Greg Reifsteck as a guest on Boredom Breeds Stupidity. If you missed the live show, it's alright - you can still listen to us reminisce about cult movies of the 80's here. We also felt like one hour was not enough time to delve into all the movies we had in mind, so you can tune in for our little "part 2" in two weeks.

And two weeks ago while attending OSFest as a special guest, I had a chance meeting with Zorra Reed of Sirens Trinity Productions. She honored me with a request for an interview, which is now available on the Tubes of You. You can also check out her chats with Matthew Rotundo and Quincy Allen, both great guys. Quincy and I participated on the "Writing Steampunk" panel together at OSFest.

So my week has been full of media goodness and I am pleased to share these bits and pieces with you.

Aetheric Artifacts, now with new covers of spiffiness!