How Summer is Shaping Up, or Bad Author

My, how time flies.

*clears throat*

Well, that's not really what I wanted to say. What I wanted to do, first, was apologize for the delayed release of The Enigma Engine. I've been so very busy and that busyness is rather exhausting. But Book 3 of the Aetheric Artifacts, *is* coming. Demetra's and Francis's story will have a conclusion.

In other news, there is another release on the horizon: the next book in the St. Eden's School for Young Ladies series is underway. I already have cover art and it is so gorgeous, I cannot wait to share it. But wait I must.

There is also a small, tidy pile of books on my nightstand and I am trying to read them, but it is slow, slow going. I really need to find a better way to manage my time. A laptop would help immensely. I may usurp my husband's. Granted, he will fuss if I install my word processing software of choice on it, but I think he'll get over it.

I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing holiday weekend. The husband and neighbors all blasted fireworks in the street (we live on a very, very, very quiet street, with only a few neighbors and very little traffic). It was quite the display. We also played many thrilling hands of Uno, watched our favorite cartoon, enjoyed an action-packed blockbuster movie, and helped our little daughter-beast make mud pies.

After enjoying long, lazy, fun days, it is now time for this author to get back to work. To the author-mobile!

~Steampunk Snark~

Demetra turned on her heel, glanced up at the feathered monstrosity that the other customer wore on her head, and said, “Lovely hat, Lady Lowry, and what a sense of balance you must possess.  I must commend you for your ability to wear an entire herd of ostriches on your head without tipping over.” 

 -- The Chronos Clock, Book 1 of the Aetheric Artifacts