Fall & Winter Fun

Autumn is my absolutely favorite time of the year. There's so much to do and see and think about. For me, the end of the year and moving into the new year looks like:


I clean house and decorate for Samhain or Halloween. The kiddos need costumes. My son wants to be a skeleton this year. When I suggested keeping my daughter's costume simple (black pajamas and cat ears), my husband asked if we could dress her up as an axe murdered instead, and then asked if it was "tasteful."

Tasteful to dress a 2-year-old up as an axe murderer? Umm... Let me get back to you on that.


Thanksgiving is next on the agenda. Or is it? November is known for another event that draws writers from all over the world - National Novel Writing Month. Every year around mid-October or so, I realize it's coming and think, "ACK!"


As soon as I catch my breath from NaNo and the holiday, it's time for my son's birthday. This year, I will have a teenager!

Right after that, I am attending Midwest Furfest in Chicago this year. That should be quite the little adventure.

Then comes my birthday, which I tend not to make a big deal about - not at my age. The one thing I always want on my birthday is a nice, hot dinner of my choice. That's it. Last year I wanted meatloaf. I'm thinking of partying the same way this year.

Of course, we celebrate Yule, so there is a family ritual to plan and gifts to wrap. Then there are the Christmas gifts for a few family members. We've sent fewer and fewer gifts and cards over the years, though, because that madness can be stressful. A simpler holiday season tends to be a happier one.


 I always use New Year's for reassessing projects and much more. Right after that, we have my daughter's birthday. She's making that leap from toddler to preschooler this year, which will give me a 3-year-old and a 13-year-old. A few weeks later, it's my husband's birthday. He is hitting the big 3-0 this year (I feel so left out of the 3-loop). I've already gotten him an epic birthday present. I mean, seriously epic.

So the end of the year is busy, but wonderful all at once. We have some fun events to anticipate, especially for December and January. Once it's all done, however, I'll be ready to hibernate with hot chocolate and a good book.