Happy Holidays!

The holidays are coming at us faster than ever before, it seems. This year I gave in to my husband's request to put the tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Therefore, my son and I celebrated our birthdays with cake and twinkling lights.

Of course, it was well worth it. This is my daughter's first tree, and she is equal parts enchanted and drawn to mischief. We'll see who wins - the toddler or the tree.

Meanwhile, I was so very pleased to receive a lovely, steampunk journal from my husband for my birthday. Now I can write all sorts of things in it... Mundane things like, "Dear Diary, I had the best chili cheese fries today."

The trivialities of everyday life aside, 'tis the season to give, and I want to remind readers that there are a myriad of items that would make excellent gifts for their favorite steampunk friends and family members. But I'll point out two in particular:

Steampunk for Simpletons is a primer for folks who don't know much about steampunk or who might want to learn more about the aesthetic, history, books, music, movies, community, and more all in one book.

The other is the Aetheric Artifacts bundle - all four books in one collection. This is a neat little item to add to that snazzy new e-reader this holiday season.

What will I be reading over the next several weeks? Well, I need to read The Book of Life, darn it! It's been sitting here on my desk and I thought I would get to it but, alas, no. I figured if I read the shorter books on my desk first, I'd get to it, but shorter books keep coming... So I think it's time for me to just dive into it and see how the trilogy ends. Don't you?

Of course, I'll be writing as well. I'm a little torn between projects at the moment, and really must choose one to focus on. But that's the beauty of New Year's - it gives me an impetus to sort out a To Do list with strict goals (and, more often than not, I do adhere to them).

Well then. *raises a glass* Here is to a very Happy Holiday Season and a lovely 2015.