"The Gossamer Gate": Back cover copy

I must say that I am quite pleased with the back cover copy prepared for The Gossamer Gate.  Of course I hope that readers find it enticing and look forward to reading an excerpt soon!

Nine years ago Khiara committed a grave offense against the fae, a crime for which she is destined to pay the price.  When a faerie prince intent on revenge returns to seek retribution against her, she is pulled into the Otherworld against her will.  She is given a quest: she has nine days to locate the gate that will allow her to return to the mortal world.

But the laws of the capricious fae are calculated to work against mortals and keep them trapped forever in their realm.  There is temptation at every turn, and even if Khiara does not give in, there is still a chance that the devious prince will go back on his word.

For the fae may change the rules of the game on a whim, and the prince has already set a seemingly impossible condition on Khiara’s quest for freedom…

Poor Khiara has quite a time of it in the Otherworld.  Thank goodness for unexpected allies.  ;)

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callaha

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