Itchy Writing Fingers...

With two completed novels off to editors, I am taking my husband's - er - "advice" and taking a break this weekend.  Granted, I want very much to focus on two other fiction projects in the works, as well as my non-fiction book...

However, he's right.  I should take a break and clear my mind a bit.  Besides, those two manuscripts will be back to me soon enough with enough redlines and suggestions to make my head spin.  (Very important things, mind you.  Nobody who truly cares about their craft wants to publish complete and utter crap.)

How am I staving off the "gotta write" compulsion? 

By organizing things.  I looked at all of the non-fiction work that I've done and realized it really doesn't need to sit on my laptop any more.  All of my links/favorites are also quite a mess.

So between backing up my files and deleting some from the computer itself, and organizing links/favorites, I think I've been productive without being so deeply immersed into something, that I can't stop.  My husband probably thinks that's a nice change.

But I still want to write...

Perhaps reading a book will help!

What about you?

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