Queries: Trying Something Different

Normally when I work on the query and synopsis for a book, I do it after the book is done.  However, by that time, I think coming up with a synopsis is especially difficult after I've already poured all of my creative energy into the manuscript.

This time, I'm doing something a little different.

I'm writing the query and synopsis *as* I write the book. 

Since I have two novels out of my hands and in the hands of editors, I can pour my heart and soul into my latest goal.  And it just seems sensible that, while I'm super excited about this project, I go ahead and create the query and synopsis as I'm writing. 

What about you?  Do you normally write your query and synopsis after you finish a project (as I generally do), or do you find that writing them while you're actually working on a project is better?

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan

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