Holiday Chit Chat

Usually I keep personal thoughts to my Between the Worlds blog (which is meant for sharing the silliness of life in general, living overseas, homeschooling and Paganism), and my genealogical musings to my New England Genealogy blog.

But I thought I would share some holiday thoughts and how they relate to the agent waiting-game.

In order to avoid the December "Reject-a-NaNo-Novel-Extravaganza", I made sure that I sent out my initial queries for Project Muffin Man in early November.  The manuscript is *not* a NaNo endeavor (though its sequel is) and was ready to go after being thoroughly beta-read, revised, proofread by several people, and tweaked as necessary.

At this point, all one can do is wait patiently.  Will I send out another batch of queries this year?  Oh my gosh, no.  First of all, it would be distressing enough to have my manuscript lumped in with the plethora of NaNo first drafts that are certainly not query-ready, yet authors send out to agents anyhow.

Second, the holidays are coming.  I think it best to wait until the New Year to wait and see what results my queries yield, before I move forward.  Not enough time has passed for me to even know if I need to send out additional queries, so I believe that waiting until after the New Year is the most intelligent thing to do.

What is a writer to do?

Why, keep writing, of course.

Read something you enjoy (I am truly enjoying Dearly, Departed, and cannot wait to share my thoughts about it).

Listen to music (right now "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing...).

Prepare for Thanksgiving.  I just went food shopping today.  Since we don't eat bird whatsoever, we are having fish (flounder), with all the traditional "fixins".  Growing up in Massachusetts, that meant stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, butternut squash, sweet potatoes (which we both hate and will *not* be having), cranberry sauce, cranberry bread (something I prefer to make from scratch, but I haven't found cranberries here - I cry heresy!  My bog-owning great-grandparents are turning in their graves), corn bread, mixed nuts for a pre-lunch snack, and pumpkin pie for dessert.  (Well, apple pie too, but I don't care for it.)

Since I am a Mayflower descendant (many times over), Thanksgiving is quite meaningful to me.  In our family, it was always a secular celebration of culture and heritage.  We would get together and eat.  There was no "I am thankful for..."  It was just, "Uncle Larry!  Grandma!  Grandpa!", with hugs all around, followed by an amazing meal.  I miss those days, so this time of year always brings back good memories of growing up in Massachusetts.

Get your holiday cards ready.  Mine are usually addressed, stamped and mailed out the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I'm just that good.  ;)

Prepare for December.  For me, December is one long month of Important Day after Important Day. It looks like this:

December 3 - my son's birthday.  He's going to be nine this year.  Nine?  NINE!  Whoa...

December 7 - my birthday or, as my dad puts it, the day my mother dropped the bomb.  *groan*

December 21 - Yule, the winter solstice.  That is our holiday, since we are Pagan.

December 23 - our wedding anniversary.  This year is our first (d'aww).

December 25 - that's Christmas, right?  Just kidding!  Though our spiritual/religious celebration is on the Solstice, we open gifts on the 25th.

Looking at all of that, I feel that querying should be the last thing on my mind.  If I am fortunate enough to receive a request for a partial or full, I am well aware that the manuscript is ready to go.  However, I am not going to hold my breath.

Instead, I'm going to relax, enjoy this time of year, and continue working on the projects I have on the table now.

However, if you are in the "waiting club" with me, you will find empathy here.  ;)

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. I'm hoping to carve time for myself, writing, and editing during Christmas and New Years. I have so many books to edit. So many.....

  2. We're in the same position. I'm ready to start querying next week. Just in time for the earlier NaNo'er finishers to query at the same time. :(

    LOL Maybe that's why Joanna Volpe is closed to queries starting Dec 1st.

  3. Yup, I've noticed a few other agents have closed to queries too. Can't say that I blame them! LOL I wish NaNo participants understood that revisions, beta reading, more revisions, proofing (by other people), and editing came next - NOT querying. Ah, well.

    Bettielee inadvertently gives some good advice here. I'm going to use the holiday time and the month of January to complete other projects and revisions.

  4. I'm in the same position too!
    I've just started sending queries out about a week ago, and yet I'm afraid my query will get lost in the early NaNo finishers' queries even though my book is NOT a NaNoWriMo book :(

    I wish agents didn't close to queries, but I can TOTALLY see where they're coming from too....silly NaNo participants...

    But that's a REALLY good idea; I think I'm going to try and just write during the next month or two (probably the sequel to the book I'm querying now), and edit, and try to stay away from sending out any more queries and getting lost in the sea of NaNo'ers :)

  5. Yes, December and Janaury can be quite a crap-shoot, I imagine, when it comes to getting noticed. Glad I got started in early November!

    Well, if I don't hear anything by the end of January, I'll write off those particular queries as "No Response", send out one last batch, and then ponder plans B and C. ;)

    Good luck with your queries!