Just Writing Away...

Because what can you do at this point?

Since "Project Muffin Man" is being queried and I have no control over that process, all I can do is move forward with the other books in the series.  "Project Lemon Cake" revisions are going quite well.  I'm actually debating bypassing Plan B entirely if Plan A does not work out...  we shall see.

I think people should not be too surprised if form rejections come pouring in before December 1.  I sent my initial queries in early November and received two form rejections last night.  It would make sense that agents want to clean out their inboxes a bit before A. People start sending in their NaNo novels (it's a big no-no, I assure you folks) and B. So they can enjoy their holidays, just like the rest of us.

The prudent thing to do is wait.  My query is out there to a good number of agents and, while I would love to sort of "fill in" the space left by the few rejections received by querying more folks, I have no desire to impose upon them right before the holidays.  They will have more crap flying at them than usual and trying to weed out a halfway decent submission from said pile must be a huge headache.

I'm going to keep writing, because that is what I do.  I'm going to keep being happy for people who receive requests for partials and fulls, and offers of representation.  They have worked hard and earned it.

Other than writing, reading, and sidetracking into genealogy here and there, there is nothing else exciting to share.  Late November and early December should remain blissfully quiet here.  However, I like days like that.  Peaceful, non-exciting days mean that I can be more productive and focused when it comes to my work.  ^.^

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  1. Do you really think anyone would complete a "novel" and send it out right at the beginning of December, without letting it sit and revisind and editing? I mean, I know there are geniuses, but I have never ever seen a first draft that was good enough to be a novel.

    Okay, come to think of it... I once had a friend tell me she'd take up writing and submit her fist story to a big German contest because "she could use the money". She seemed genuinely surprised when even months after the competition she did not receive the "You're the winner and we are sooo in love with your writing!" letter.

  2. LOL - from what I understand, that is precisely what happens! NaNoers *do* query their work in December. Pretty crazy, I know.

    My NaNo novel was done by mid-November, and I'm in the midst of revising it. Then it will head out to beta readers and then - of course - more revisions.

    Your friend probably learned that writing is not as easy as just placing words on paper, eh? :)

  3. I'm sending out a batch of snail mail subs this week. I hope they don't hate me for it. Mine are for a very polished product.

    I hate to think of being lost in amongst all the nano-crap :(

  4. Wishing you the very best of luck, Ren! Yes, here's hoping you don't get lost in it either. You've been working so hard, and certainly for longer than a month.

  5. I know of quite a few Nano writers who have submitted their work right after they finished. I think at this point, agents expect to get those queries, but it's also why I warn other writers to wait until late Jan. or early Feb. to query. No need to get stuck in that slush pile where agents are constantly sending form rejections.

    Let the agents breathe and send queries to them once the holidays are over :) Best of luck on Lemon Cake. I edited Siren's Dance yesterday (Kingdom Jumper sequel) and now I need to format it so I can print a copy for the hubby to look over.

  6. It was your advice, Emily, that spurred me to get my Muffin Man manuscript perfected and queried by mid-November (I had such a fabulous beta reader and hope to pester him again soon for Lemon Cake!).

    Still taking your advice and waiting until roughly the end of January to send out any more queries... That gives the agents who have my query more than 2 1/2 months to respond, and that seems reasonable, considering that it is the holiday season.

    Of course, I hope that it is not necessary to query further. ;) But I am prepared for each and every eventuality. In fact, I was discussing "Plan C" with my husband last night and he said, "It's a little early to think about that." I pointed out that I would rather have a safety net, than flounder about in despair if things do not work out with an agent.

    Then again, he's more emotional and I'm more logical. :)