Yes, I *Am* Here For Your Entertainment!

Why does a writer write?

I'm one of the "because I have to - because it's in my heart - because I want to touch people" writers.

When I have readers for Project Muffin Man praising the story, telling me how much it made them laugh and how it was the perfect balance of action, adventure, science, magick, and romance, it makes me happy.  To all of you who have read and given me feedback - alpha, beta and gamma - thank you.  I giggled as I wrote it and I am so glad that you have enjoyed it too!

Seeing the good reviews for The Gossamer Gate makes me so happy as well.  I want to tell a story and I want you to get lost in it.  *That* is certainly what I look for in a good book!  Thank you to Diandra, who just shared that she is particularly enjoying the story.

I am here for your entertainment.

As somebody who loves being captivated by a story, I also write as a reader, for readers.  ^.^

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan

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  1. You know. I don't know if I know why I write. Other than that I luv stories and i write what I want to read.... I wonder about it sometimes.