"Enthralling"? D'aww!

I love adjectives.  Well, I love playing Mad Libs, and adjectives are my favorite part of the English language.  When somebody told me today that The Gossamer Gate (free for 4 more days) was "enthralling", I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside.  What a wonderful way to describe it!  It also pleases me to hear that people "got lost in the story".  That's the intention!

It was a mostly quiet holiday week.  On the day of our first wedding anniversary (December 23; never thought I'd celebrate a first wedding anniversary again!), my husband surprised me with flowers, a chocolate cake and a perfume I've wanted for *years* (Vera Wang's "Princess").  We spent Saturday in Cambridge, visiting the gaming shop.  The main goal was for two of our friends to buy dice, since they have been borrowing mine during D&D sessions.  However, we also left with a new D20 Modern book and they left with, not just dice, but a new board game.

Sunday was a quiet day and I got quite a bit of writing done.  On Monday, we played D&D for 10 hours.  I only lamented the loss of one day (Saturday or Monday) of work briefly, because I had so much fun in Cambridge and playing D&D.

Life happens and it can't be all about writing.  Sometimes I wish it could, but that wouldn't be much of a balance, would it?  ;)

With my son arriving on Monday, I am trying to accomplish as much as possible in the next few days.  I would rather devote the first half of 2012 to dealing with the editorial red ink (well, Word highlighting/tracking changes) on Heart & Fire and The Pain Maiden, as well as querying agents on "Project Muffin Man", than writing something new.

Of course, I will be writing during that time, but it will be a slow going.  Motherhood takes precedence and I give myself permission to take it easy.  However, I do have goals written out for 2012, and that makes accomplishing things easier.

Well, I better get to work today!  I can only count on today and Thursday as "work days", since Friday night may or may not be a D&D night, or Saturday may or may not be a D&D day.  Heh.  We have a New Year's Eve party to attend on Saturday, so Sunday may or may not turn into a D&D day.

It's all iffy and since I am *not* a spontaneous type - I like everything planned - I need to leave myself open to roll with whatever happens this coming weekend.

All in all, our holiday week was a mix of relaxing and fun.  How was your holiday week?   Do you have any New Year's plans?

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. I love that you play D&D!! I like everything planned too :) Happy New Year!

  2. LOL - thanks Kallan! D&D is definitely fun. My favorite aspect of it is the actual role-playing. It gives me an opportunity to say things like "Don't you dare throw that halfling!" ;)

    Happy New Year to you too!