Good Music & Bad Music

Good Music: Anything that inspires you to keep writing (or perhaps cleaning or doing whatever else needs to get done), that evokes the feelings you need at any given moment, the emotion of a scene, etc.

Bad Music:  Anything that causes you to yell, "Honey!  Could you turn down the 8-bit crap?!"

My husband is quite the gamer and he especially loves retrogaming with the classics.  He is a huge fan of Mario in all his forms, from boxing match referee to gorilla-thwarting barrel-jumper to race-car driver, and everything in between.

Another aspect of Mario he loves is the music.  Yes, the music is catchy and happy...

But not very welcome when I'm working on revisions for a tense scene.

8-bit music and writing about srs bzns do not mix.  ;)

When it comes to music, I actually compile playlists for my stories.  Sometimes a playlist will run the course of the story, from start to finish - not in actual playtime, but representing the plot, the ups, the downs, big fights, and exciting, happy or unexpected endings.  It can be very easy for me to get caught up in music, particularly if it represents a heavy scene.  Music can, at times, enhance the writing experience.

Then there are times when... er... not so much.

How do you feel about music when you write?

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. Each story has got its own soundtrack, and my writing time for the day is up if I cannot stand the music anymore. But if nothing else helps, for strange reasons, Queen works everytime. ^^

  2. I go in these weird phases. Sometimes, all I listen to is either Pearl Jam or Stevie Nicks. They're the only two artists that I will go on binges for and listen to exclusively during the binge. Then sometimes, I need classical. Sometimes, I need incredibly loud, hard music. Sometimes I need silence. I don't have one set writing musical... thing. I thought I did at one time, but I don't.