Happy Solstice & Merry Yule!

Ah, writerly thing first!

Many thanks to everybody who is reading or has read The Gossamer Gate.  It will remain free until January 1, and you are more than welcome to share the link with anybody you know who loves faerie fantasy with a bit of romance.  Every time someone tells me they got so lost in the story that they couldn't put it down, I feel warm fuzzies.  ^.^

It looks like agents and their assistants are cleaning out their in-boxes before the holiday weekend.  In fact, it definitely looks like the going trend at the moment.  That's easy to see from reading the comments at QueryTracker.

Yes, I have received a few form rejections this week too and I certainly understand!  Out of all the careers in the world, I wonder if literary agents receive the most email...

I'm doing the same thing as them, mind you - trying to wrap up what I can before the year ends.  Mostly, it's just a look back at some genealogical brick walls and I'm performing some searches to see if there are any new results.

Since we are Pagan and celebrate the Solstice, also known as Yule, this night marks the end of the dark half of the year.  As tomorrow marks the start of the light half of the year, I feel that it is only appropriate to spend tonight doing a bit of light organizing and research.  I would like to get a good night's rest, spend tomorrow celebrating quietly at home with a ritual and opening gifts, then take a walk later in the day.

All in all, I think Monday would be a good day for a fresh start and continuation of projects (be they literary or genealogical) currently in progress. 

I would like to pass on my good wishes to all of you: Happy Solstice and a Merry Yule, and may you enjoy success in all your endeavors in the light half of the year.  ^.^

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan

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