Holiday Happiness

Everybody gets so stressed this time of year and it's unfortunate, because - no matter what winter holiday we celebrate - we're supposed to be happy.  Right?

So I'm going to share some happy things. Let's get the writerly business out of the way first.

I'm thrilled that fantasy author E. S. Lark reviewed The Gossamer Gate (the e-book of which will available free all month, as a holiday gift; the paperback is available on Amazon).

I am *very* grateful to Emily, and to all of the readers who have shared their thoughts at GoodReads, Amazon and Smashwords.  Thank you so much for enjoying the story!  That is why I write.

We had snow this morning.  It was not much and it only fell for a little while, but walking outside just to enjoy the big, wet flakes was wonderful.

Today I am off to run my errands soon, and that includes getting a rolling pin so we can make cookies.  My husband's mom makes cookies every year, and she and the kids (my husband and his sister) decorate them.  We never did that and I always thought, "Pffft, how very Brady Bunch" of families that do.  But it is something my husband enjoys and when I tried it for the first time last year, it wasn't so bad.

It's rather funny to have a tree that is decorated from the middle, up.  But that seems to happen every time I acquire a new kitten.

Oh, I also need to pick up stocking-stuffers today for my husband.  As soon as I know precisely when my son is coming here to stay with us, I can get more gifts for the kiddo as well.  I know it will be right around New Year's, so even though I'm usually adamant about taking the tree down on January 2, it will stay up until my son has opened his gifts this year.

This is the only time of year when you can play "The Nutcracker" and other holiday music every day, and not have people look at you like you're insane.  ;)

Well, we have a Winter Solstice to celebrate in only a few days!

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