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Is it just me, or does the holiday season cause one's To-Do List to expand exponentially?

My To-Do List has become so long, that I did not even manage to accomplish normal Monday activities.  The bird cage did not get it's weekly scrubbing, nor did I vacuum.  My husband came home for his lunch-time nap and when I told him that I needed to clean the cage, he asked, "Can't that wait until tomorrow?"

*le sigh*

And so it did.

Yesterday was filled with completing holiday cards (call them what you will - I'm Pagan, and my family and friends are a mix of Pagan and Christian; thus, there is no one holiday celebrated and an attitude of inclusiveness is encouraged/expected).

There were also copies of The Gossamer Gate to be signed and packaged to mail to my mother, mother-in-law, and a friend.  (Just one left here... just one... Phew!)

There was a kitten to be squirted with water constantly as she tried to get into the tree, or at least knock ornaments off of it.  It amazes me that she can balance her little paws on those slender wires that stand in for branches on our brand new fake tree (this is mine and hubby's second Yule and Christmas together, and our first tree - d'awww).

There were dishes to be done, as they are done every day, bird and cat lunches to be prepared, and then - and only then - was I able to sit down and...

Oh yes, there was no sitting down, because I put together a bag full of items that need to be taken on base today - the cards and books to mail, as well as some magazines and books for the library's magazine and book-swap shelves.  There was a very, very short shopping list to write.

When I finally sat down with some lunch, it was to do a bit of Tweeting and blogging, and then to catch up by *finally* reading the novel that my fabulous "Muffin Man" beta sent my way a couple of months ago.  (It's a great story and I am sending him positive mojo for all of his creative endeavors; the moment he tells me that it is going to be published, I want to be first in line for a signed copy.)

There were Facebook messages to keep up with too, like my sister asking if I could possibly come home NOW.  She just moved from Missouri back up to Delaware.  I lived in Delaware for 10 years, and both my sister and father ultimately moved down there.  That was always the core of our family unit - dad, me and my little sister (though everybody assumes she is older than me because she has 5 children, one of whom is a teenager.  She is younger than me.  I kid you not).

Then I looked at my email and realized it was almost time to make dinner.  Seriously, where did my Monday go?  I used that last hour to look for Christmas presents for my son, since he is with his dad right now (but he returns to me in January).  Well, once I ordered two gifts from Amazon, I was ready to call it a night.

Ha!  I mentioned dinner, didn't I?  With all the options in the fridge, thanks to Sunday grocery shopping, I kept it simple - hot dogs and beans.  In New England, that is generally a Saturday thing, but it was Monday and I wanted something easy, darn it!

The husband walked in the door just as dinner was nearly done.  Perfect timing.

Mind you, all of this stuff did not move in one smooth, continuous flow of work.  My caique is out of his cage for roughly 6-7 hours a day.  That is quite a long time (even broken up into 1 1/2-3 hour segments) when you factor it into an 8 hour "work day".  There is also a kitten to supervise, since the Yule/Christmas tree is new to her.

Today should be the culmination of all the holiday preparations.  I'm about to get dressed, do dishes, prepare the pet lunches, put the caique in his cage, and run my errands.  That heavy bag of cards, books and magazines is waiting by the door.  I walk everywhere, so there's my cardio. 

When I get back, I will order gifts for my sister and her family.  Everything is going from Amazon - it makes my life easier since I live overseas.  Tonight, we will tackle gifts for my husband's mom, stepdad and sister.

After today, my holiday preparations should be *done*.  Phew!

Add emails to answer, a novella to beta, and a new genealogy challenge on top of all of that, and ask yourself where I find the time to do everything.

Thank goodness writing is my day job.

Not that I'm getting any writing done lately.  ;)

What about you - do the holidays mean less time for your normal, day-to-day tasks, or (especially if you work outside the home) busy weekends devoted to seasonal endeavors?

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan

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