The editor did not request many changes to my book, and I am grateful for that.  There was one scene that she asked me to soften a bit, which I did.  Other than that, no changes were made other than grammatical ones.

Now that I am slowly getting settled into a routine in my new home in England, I hope to get back to work this month.  Things are still a bit chaotic here and I am editing my own life - arranging everything in our flat.  ;)

With another final draft of a novel ready to be submitted, I have been focused on completing its sequel.  However, my husband did inspire me to begin a new project based upon something inappropriately funny that I suggested.  At this point, I think I will work on at least two projects simultaneously.

Though, with writing, it can be difficult to simply focus on a large-scale project to the exclusion of others.  Any creative endeavor really requires your heart and mind to be invested in the project at the time you are working on it.  Flashes of interest can come and go, which is why some books take longer than others to complete.

This coming week will be a good one for me to assess my work, the progress of certain projects, and decide where and how to devote my attention to things.

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