A New Balance in the New Year

I'm thrilled to have my son back home with me!  His presence means I can't write all day, every day, but that's something I don't mind.  I have more than enough projects done or mostly done, and I'm happy to slow down until summer.

However, I am setting concrete, daily goals for writing, querying, and other projects.  Some people might think, "Aw, just write while your son is at school." 

We homeschool.  :)  I love it, of course.  So when do I find time to write?  At night for a couple of hours, and that works out quite well.  I pushed myself very, very hard last year.  I wanted to get as much accomplished as possible before my son came home from his dad's house.  That's how I managed to bang out my NaNo project in 15 days.  I'm in the middle of revisions on it, and then I will forward it to my beta (if he's still willing!) for feedback.

For now, I'm going to set a 1,000-word-a-night goal and then see how things go from there. 

Meanwhile, I had to explain the agent querying process to my husband last week.  He was under the impression that having a partial or full request from an agent is a reason to get incredibly excited.  I told him that I preferred to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, as a partial or full can be rejected just as easily as a simple query letter.

Though, after looking at some of last year's query numbers, I allowed myself to loosen up just a bit and say that it was at least a great honor to have a partial or a full requested, even if it is rejected later.

As one of my friends says, I'm the person she counts on for consistent logic.  So that is how I am looking at it now: not as a "Well, they can still reject the story, even after reading it", but as "No matter what happens, it is an honor to be read.  So many people don't even get that far."  That's slightly more positive, eh?  I think the trick is to be positive, but down to earth.  That, and just keep on working.

Well, we have friends coming over in a few hours to play D&D and there's a bit of laundry to fold.  To be quite honest, I would rather curl up in bed with Clockwork Prince.  The verdict is still out on it, but so far I think I like it better than Clockwork Angel.  However, if it is all about - as one reviewer put it - the characters dithering around, wringing their hands and getting angsty about who loves whom, I'm going to be disappointed.  What I want most is to learn about Tessa's origins.  That would satisfy me.

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. So happy for you! Time with his Dad is obviously very important but ..... xx

  2. The trick is definitely to be positive. I'm my own worst critic but have to pat myself on the back once in a while... otherwise, I'd give up!

    Wishing you luck in your agent hunt!

  3. But, Catherine... ;) LOL Thanks - we are having a fabulous time!

    Absolutely Sonia! I tend to err on the side of cautious optimism, rationality and feet firmly on the ground. Flights of fancy are reserved for writing fiction. :D Thanks and I wish you success in all your endeavors this year.