"News of the World"

Ah, my favorite Queen album of all time.

I have my father's taste in music.  Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, The Steve Miller Band, Jackson Browne, and David Bowie are some of my favorite bands and singers.  My husband cracks me up, because he is 11 years younger than me, but loves the same music.  I was born in 1974.  He was born in 1986. 

Even though I tease him about it, it really is wonderful to think of how music can transcend time.  As with books, what we like in music is completely subjective.

My younger sister (born in 1977) prefers hip hop and pop, though she loves the rock anthems of the 70's and the 80's.  However, if you gave her a choice between tickets to Pink or The Steve Miller Band, I think she'd go with Pink.  Likewise, I do enjoy some modern pop (I'm a bit of a closet Kelly Clarkson fan and simply adore Katy Perry), but if you gave me a choice, I'd take Def Leppard over anything new.

Music is amazing in what it can do for us.  When I gave birth to my son, I listened to Boston and Journey CDs.  When I clean the house every morning or want something to boost my energy, I turn on some Katy Perry.  If I feel like sitting down and writing, Styx gets me in the mood. 

When I met my father-in-law last year, he also introduced me to his guitars.  When he told me that one of them was named "Jackson", I asked, "After Jackson Browne?"  (Alas, I was reaching for the wrong type of art - it is named after Jackson Pollock.)

I really love that I can listen to my favorite Queen songs - "Spread Your Wings", "Hammer to Fall", and "I Want it All" - and still feel just as moved by them as I did 20 years ago.  I also think it's cool that kids who are 20 years younger than me feel the same thrill those song evoke.

Just as books such as Pride & Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities, or recent classics such as Anne MacCaffrey's early Pern books, or The Mists of Avalon continue to enthrall readers decade after decade, music also transcends time and culture.  I think that rocks.

Speaking of classics that still resonate with us, the hubby and I are going to watch "The Maltese Falcon" tonight.  ^.^

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  1. Ok, all I got from this post is that you're a cougar. :) But I'm a horrible person always looking for something to tease someone about. :) mwah hahahaah! :) Oh, and favorite Queen song? "Someone to love". Hell Yes. I sing it out loud in the car with NO shame whatever.

  2. Oh my gosh, no! I was initially married to somebody 8 years older than me, but then I met Mr. 80's Kid and *he* chased me. Trust me - I did everything I could to keep him away from me, but he would not be deterred. LOL

    However, here's something funny: we were at our earth-based group one night (in Korea where we met) discussing totem animals, and I did say that one of mine was a "cougar". Then I had to blush, because goodness knows I was not chasing the guy (certainly not, since I was married!).

    Our relationship would probably make a good story, though... Guy meets girl, girl is married, guy falls in love and chases girl, girl falls in love and tries not to admit it, guy persuades girl to admit it, girl divorces husband (amicably) and gives in to the persuasion to marry young guy.

    I am giving him a *thorough* education on movies, since our music tastes already overlap. We just finished "The Maltese Falcon" and now he wants to watch "Mad Max", since he's never seen any of them. I'm adamant that he must see "Better Off Dead" this week too.

    You sing it, sister! Sing that fabulous Queen song! :D

  3. P.S. It's totally cool to make fun of me for that, even though he's the one who chased me (and still does... heh).

  4. I love, love Queen... I still tell my teenager his father is Rod Stewart! We listen to an eclectic mix around here. Everything from Opera-Metal. One of my all time Fav songs is Mr. Mistoffelees..

    That is not to say I don't listen to this generations music.. Did you know there really is a band called The Insane Clown Posse. I don't really classify them as music, but the teenager thinks so!