What I'm Reading, July 19

The mailman was kind to me last week and brought some highly-anticipated novels for my reading pleasure.  Oddly enough, whenever a book I want comes out, I wait at least 2 months before purchasing it.  This allows the BX (Base Exchange) time to get it on their shelves.  However, our BX is very small compared to other overseas bases, so I can't count on it to get everything I want.  That means I turn to Amazon once I've given the BX sufficient time to stock their shelves.

That also means I will walk in the BX the day after placing an Amazon order, and inevitably find one of the books I ordered the previous day.  ;)

Last week I received Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler, the latest in the Jane True series, The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross, and Until I Die by Amy Plum.

I gave up on the Sookie Stackhouse series a few books ago, and will probably check Deadlocked out of the library, just to see what happens next.  However, if the reviews are any indication, other readers agree with how I feel - that Harris just doesn't care anymore.  I also feel that it isn't her fault.  After writing 9 books in the same series (I felt that it was around the 9th that things were stagnating; Deadlocked is #12), I would be tired of writing it too.  While 13 is a cute number and all for a paranormal series, it's a lot for an author to live up to.

Goodness knows I cannot tell you the number of times people have recommended Kim Harrison or Laurell K. Hamilton to me, and I just have to say NO, because all the stories just seem like the same ol' thing over and over and over...

So I remain a staunch Jane True fan, and if Peeler and/or Orbit does not try to carry the series too far, it should continue to rock.

Paranormal has got to be a very tough genre to both read and write at this point.  There isn't much that's new out there, which is probably why Peeler manages it so beautifully - she's created a really fabulous world and brought in some interesting creatures that we don't normally see in the typical paranormal/urban fantasy story.

I also think that's why I really enjoy Amy Plum's Revenants and Lia Habel's zombies - they are fresh concepts.  Many of us are tired of vampires as the good-guy undead.

Meanwhile, the other two books I'm reading will come across as boring in comparison.  There's Your Pregnancy Week by Week and What to Expect When You're ExpectingWhat to Expect is cute and classic and all, but I've never really been a fan - not with my son 10 years ago, and not now.  However, it has good information, so I keep it on my nightstand.  One does not exactly remember all of this stuff when a decade passes between having child 1 and child 2, so it's nice to re-read as my pregnancy progresses. 

As for boring pregnancy facts: I am at 16 weeks exactly, have gained 5 pounds (though I think now I can call it a solid 6, after weighing myself today), and editing book 2 in the Aetheric Artifacts series is a huge priority for me this summer.  I want to work on it while I'm in that oh-so-happy second trimester, before my son comes home from spending the summer with his dad.

So... What are you reading these days?

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