"The Chronos Clock"

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Musa Publishing's speculative fiction line, Urania, is now home to my next novel, "The Chronos Clock" (Book 1 of the Aetheric Artifacts).

You may recall it was affectionately codenamed "Project Muffin Man".  There is a good reason for that.  However, now it may be known by it's proper name. 

Yes, I am hard at work on books 2 ("The Daemon Device") and 3 ("The Malice Machine").  ^.^

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Reading With Children

I often blog about what's on my nightstand, but not my son's.

Gavin is 9 1/2 years old, and while he reads more than enough books on his own, we still enjoy sharing a bedtime story.  We finished The Invention of Hugo Cabret recently, and I loved his reaction to it.  He was thrilled by the questions that came up in the story, and even happier with the answers.  The ending was so beautiful, he just smiled, happy for all the characters.

Last night we began reading the classic Henry Huggins together.

You see, I'm one of those evil mommies who goes to the thrift store specifically for books.  Perhaps I will pick up the occasional DVD for $3, and I have been slowly purchasing the little baby things that catch my eye (toys, puzzles, books with beautiful artwork).

However, my main focus at the local thrift shop is always the children's book section.  I pick up Nancy Drews to add to my collection (mostly I find paperbacks there), but I also purchase books I think my son will enjoy.

When I read the first chapter in Henry Huggins last night, Gavin really got a kick out of Henry's ingenuity in trying to bring the stray dog, Ribsy, home.  Of course he thought the bus ride was pretty funny.  Beverly Cleary had such a way with writing.  She really captured the essence of what it was to be a child.  I loved her books when I was my son's age, so it's exciting to share them with him now.

I also have the first Hardy Boys mystery sitting on his bureau.  ;)

My son is often uncertain about the books I recommend, but always ends up enjoying them.  I think that's because we have very similar tastes.  When I was a 9-year-old, I wanted to read about mystery, action and adventure.  The books I enjoyed most were Nancy Drew, The Black Stallion series, and anything by Marguerite Henry.  I also loved The Babysitter's Club books, Sweet Valley High, The Secret Garden, and anything by Louisa May Alcott. 

When it comes to books, my son definitely has that same craving for mystery, action and adventure.  He also enjoys potty humor (what pre-teen boy doesn't?), and I certainly don't object to the Captain Underpants series, or Sir Fartsalot.  In fact, I think they're pretty funny myself.

I think my son is learning to trust my judgment about books.  He still cringes when I come home with an armload of Choose Your Own Adventure books, books from the 50's through the 80's, and more, but I can't resist all those 50 cent possibilities that he just might enter a new literary world, and fall completely in love with it.

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Why Being an Author is Great When You're...


First and foremost, it's nice to bring the laptop along on those every-30-minute bathroom trips.  I can still get work done!

It's convenient because I can work in bed when I just don't feel like sitting at my desk anymore.

When I wake up with an insane burst of energy and feeling incredibly hungry at 6 a.m., I can embrace it as a productive time.

Moments of heartburn put me in the mood to torture characters.  ^.^

I don't need to take maternity leave.

How does pursuing your love of writing fit into your life?

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